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The 8th 2008 China (Qingdao) international solders with cut exhibition
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Exhibit meeting name: The 8th 2008 China (Qingdao) international solders with cut exhibition
Run a country: Chinese mainland
Ginseng extend date: This exhibits 2008-8-13~2008-8-15 meeting information in order to expire
Sign up end: 2008-8-12
Ginseng exhibit the ground: Qingdao international exhibition center (northeast of city of Qingdao international beer is faced)
Approve an unit:
Sponsor an unit: Commerce of China International of branch of province of Shandong of stimulative commission of trade of China International of stimulative center of development of Asian classics trade promotes federation Shandong to save petrochemical industry association
Undertake unit:
Assist run an unit: Exhibit meeting brief introduction to postpone meeting brief introduction: One, market analysis
2007 Shandong annual realizes total output value 2.6 trillion yuan, the whole nation the 2nd, grow 14.5% to control; Implementation of dimensions above industry raises a cost one thousand three hundred and twenty-one billion two hundred and twenty million yuan, grow 20.8% , industry grows a level to promote further
Economy of annulus Bohai Sea is overwhelm, olympic Games business chance is infinite
” of circle of economy of “ annulus Bohai Sea includes Shandong peninsula, distant east the belt of economy of seaside of annulus Bohai Sea that look forward to of ferry of peninsula, Beijing gives priority to, this one area collected the heavy industry such as steely, shipbuilding, haven, serious chance, car, oil, right of all kinds solder cut equipment demand is exuberant. “2008 the 8th China (Qingdao) international solders to be garrisoned with cut exhibition ” Qingdao, in order to satisfy the pressing requirement of industry development market.
Rely on economy of bay of annulus Bohai Sea to encircle advantage industry, shandong peninsula collaborate from within with forces from outside, economic progress is overwhelm, solder the market is huge; 2008 match of caique of Qingdao Olympic Games, construction of the sources of energy, city, traffic each are big the project builds ” of cake of 78 billion super “ in all.
Qingdao, famed global haven city, it is the industrial system of bibcock with metallurgy, spin, the sources of energy, oil, chemical industry, mechanical, haven, obtained saltant development, total output value year all grow 10% above, already became the city with the most dynamic society of Sino-Japanese Han economy now, it is the throughout the country's important industrial production base and haven of goods pass in and out; The manufacturing industry such as pressure vessel of car of its shipbuilding, engine, petro-chemical, boiler, maritime oil, container, steel structure very develop. With group of Shandong electric power, Qi Lu the shipbuilding of oil field of group of heavy-duty automobile of group of iron and steel of petrifaction, Jinan, China, sea Er group, victory, the North sea user that head enterprise, reveal go out to solder bulkily the market.
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