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The 8th 2008 China (Qingdao) international solders with cut exhibition
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2, exhibit meeting window
Media of ⑴ association, industry is strong cooperate, professional website, magazine, newspaper, commerce kind the website combines conduct propaganda
Learn (assist) the province city such as Shandong of —— of enterprise of meeting, chamber of commerce, large user and support of all circles your kind effort, Liaoning, Heibei and Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai solders reach an user assist (learn) meeting and chamber of commerce, puissant support and whole journey help the large company of the industry such as shipbuilding, steel structure, oil and hardware Electromechanical store, be sure to become was versed in 2008 industry focus.
⑵ comes from world each district ginseng of enterprise of 400 many brands is exhibited, of dimensions and market of consequence house north most
⑶ global purchase business, agent to gather, business chance enclothes global —— to invite market of user of key of countrywide each district, Electromechanical, global agency to attend a meeting negotiate purchase, open of 300 thousand available data clinchs a deal with reveal a climax.
⑷ star class serves, be economical save worry, overflow redound —— stands in forever join the position that postpones business, the after in before exhibiting, be being exhibited, be being exhibited a coordinated process that changes through price of professional, meticulous, actor, human nature serves, accomplish truly let postpone save effort of save worry of business save money, relaxed and efficient ginseng is exhibited, it is we do the service tenet of the meeting.
3, reviewing of previous term or session
The 7th 2007 China (Qingdao) international solders to exhibit an area to amount to 10000 square metre with cut exhibition, exhibit can gather together ginseng of 211 domestic and international enterprises is exhibited; Exhibition introduces technical equipment with " , raise industry standard, stimulative manufacturing industry to develop " to be a tenet, give priority to a problem with environmental protection, energy-saving, business chance, the spot showed the world newest science and technology, equipment reachs a product inside top-ranking technology and course of study, attracted come from the province city such as Shandong, Heibei, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin nearly 30 thousand professional audience, have additionally come from the country such as the United States, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Taiwan and spot of area travelling merchant to purchase; 90% ginseng postpone business, purchase business gives very high opinion with visiting business!
Ginseng exhibit limits ginseng to extend range: Solder equipment: Protection of the arc solder equipment, equipment that bury arc, gas solders equipment, bolt solders equipment of equipment, solder of protection of tungsten pole gas; Equipment of equipment of arc welding equipment, resistance welding equipment, electroslag welding equipment, friction welding equipment, v equipment, drill rod solder, electron beam solder, laser beam welding receives facility of equipment, plasma arc welding machine, special whole set of equipment, spray, solder robot and other special type solder cut of fire of equipment, gas and.
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