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The 8th 2008 China (Qingdao) international solders with cut exhibition
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 Solder is cut, cut, curium cut, clipping, cut strong production facilities; Machine tool of cut of thin plate of machine tool of cutting of plasma cut machine, laser beam cutting machine, metal, metal and machining center, cut machine, hydraulic cut the metal such as equipment of machine of cut of material of machine tool of cut of mechanical, line, canal, bent housing is machined cut aircraft equipment.
 Electron beam solder and laser beam welding are received, laser and cut treatment facilities; Equipment of gas welding, gas cutting, equipment of heating installation of heat treatment, hot gas cutting, induction, thermal spraying and auxiliary equipment.
 Industrial machine support of the people solders automatically equipment; Assemble, installation, carry, the automation operating system such as spray, cut makes equipment and industrial robot;
 Solder material and running stores: Pink of all sorts of welding rod, welding flux, welding wire, solder, solder creams etc solder material
 Welder form a complete set: Hood of mask of relieve a garrison of fire of welding torch, solder, solder, defend take, safety glove, flue gas is smoked put device, electrode, pottery and porcelain, chance of insulating part, flow, gas deserves to compare implement, cable
 Welding line testing instrument: Dog instrument of welding line flaw detection, automatically instrument of analysis of metallographic of device, testing instrument, welding line
 Auxiliary machines and tools and all sorts of labour clamping apparatus: Industrial gas, solder car, machine sending silk, gyro wheel wearing; Solder to wait about professional safety and sanitation
 Detect and monitoring of cable of test equipment and instrument, power source, wire, program and detect equipment;
 All sorts of Yuan Fucai makings rate rate: Exhibit meeting site activity to exhibit meeting site activity: Contact data contact: At lofty gentleman
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