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2008 Guangzhou international solders cut exhibition
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Exhibit meeting name: 2008 Guangzhou international solders cut exhibition
Run a country: Chinese mainland
Ginseng extend date: 2008-12-9~2008-12-12
Sign up end: 2008-11-30
Ginseng exhibit the ground: Pa continent exhibits Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise house
Approve an unit:
Sponsor an unit: Union of machinist trade of government of Guangzhou city people, China
Undertake unit: Guangdong can exhibit promotion limited company (international exhibition and member of project association IAEE)
Assist run an unit: Taiwan solders association

Postpone meeting brief introduction: GIWE international solders cut is exhibited 2006 first degrees exhibit in Guangzhou, meet with rich of “GIMEE Guangzhou machine company of numerous and mechanical equipment is the same as ” showpiece, form benign and interactive, will two years get ABB, OTC, WA, KEMPPI, FEIN, library pine of guest of wave of card, Germany, Japan falls, Wei Ge, king of special, times, solder, 5 mine, big a group of things with common features, about a hundred China and foreign countries such as China labour is famous, complied with Hua Na market to soldering the exuberant demand of cut product, got industry agrees reputably, become Hua Na area exclusive and large international solders exhibit!

GIWE’2008 focusing Guangzhou, leading southeast Asia Guangzhou is city of center of Hua Na area and whole nation city of the 2nd big industry, be located in bead trigonometry core region, border southeast Asia of HongKong and Macow, radiate, the industry of heavy chemical industry such as car, shipping, petrifaction, mechanical, iron and steel developeds. Huge market demand, advantageous area the bridgehead that advantage, powerful radiant emitance and commercial group power make Guangzhou becomes manufacturer of China and foreign countries to develop Hua Na market. GIWE’2008 be sure is south China solders the grand meeting that cut industry communication purchases, cause Hua Na and Asian area to solder the great attention of industry!

Push forward China has the market of vigor most, the Jin Yao of the business chance austral open China is China's largest manufacturing industry base south spoon China, guangdong is the first manufacturing industry of Chinese is saved greatly, guangdong saved GDP to already broke through 3 trillion yuan in December 2007, occupy the 1/8 of countrywide GDP. Base of world-class manufacturing industry bead trigonometry industry upgrades pace is accelerated, line of business of heavy chemical industry is strong rise abruptly. In recent years Guangdong is made in car, shipbuilding, steely, petrifaction, machinery wait for course of study of heavy chemical industry and home appliance to make, the respect such as production installation of metallic treatment, Electromechanical develops strong, right of all kinds solder cut equipment is having very exuberant demand.

Advantage resource general mobilization, stereo conduct propaganda popularizes the ginseng that enlarges you to exhibit investment redound to exhibit meeting general to sell kind with integrated battalion, natural resources of active harmonious society (cooperate outside orgnaization of organization of scholar of manufacturing business, trafficker, agency, media, expert, public figure, trade, government, condition square) with the organization square resource (experience of manpower, financial capacity and old and professional organization, plan) , in order to establish the propagandist strategy of form of characters or letters, emphasize draw the businessman, attention that purchases business and medium, promotion is exhibited the consequence of the meeting and participate in the effect.
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