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China International is maritime technical exhibition
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Exhibit meeting name: China International is maritime technical exhibition
Run a country: Chinese mainland
Ginseng extend date: This exhibits 2008-8-14~2008-8-16 meeting information in order to expire
Sign up end: 2008-8-10
Ginseng exhibit the ground: Shanghai new international reads extensively center (Pudong dragon Yang Lu 2345)
Approve an unit:
Sponsor an unit: Chinese traffic carries association
Association of equipment of Chinese shipping industry
Association of Chinese haven technology
China International commerce promotes branch of committee Shanghai Pudong
Chamber of commerce of Pudong of Shanghai of China International chamber of commerce
Undertake unit:
Assist run an unit: Exhibit meeting brief introduction to postpone meeting brief introduction: Show — location
Shanghai new international reads extensively the center is East Asia area most modernization and the most effective meeting exhibit a center, advanced high-tech equipment can satisfy the meeting of top end to extend a requirement, make expression of all kinds the most complex and careful exhibit a concept to become a possibility, the broad exhibition hall that do not have column is built below enough sunlight give a kind of active commerce atmosphere. All exhibition halls are built in ground floor, pass in and out is accordingly convenient, it is burden equipment to be able to be entered easily exhibit.
Market background
As the abidance of Chinese economy high speed growth and foreign trade develop quickly, brought China to rise quickly of marine goods volume, drive global sea volume grow continuously. Quantity of Chinese haven goods and container handling capacity maintain high speed growth from beginning to end, had ranked the world 4 years continuously the first. 2006, shanghai harbor port's cargo throughput achieves 520 million tons, continue to sit firm whole world is the greatest the throne of freight haven. Container handling capacity reachs case of 20 million standard, reside the world firmly 3 years continuously the 3rd. Predict 2010, handling capacity of Shanghai harbor container reachs case of 30 million standard. Forecast according to authoritative branch, 2006-2010 year demand of Chinese new vessel is 31 million carring capacity ton, year all demand is 6.2 million carring capacity about ton. The business chance of Chinese shipping draws global look, her boundless latent capacity, bring tremendous progress for international shipping not only, also bring tremendous progress space for shipbuilding industry and haven industry, especially China increases pair of haven to build investment and international shipping to carry demand of marine fast growth to ocean, it is to be the shipbuilding industry of Chinese home and haven equipment manufacturing industry to bring tremendous business chance more.
The stability of global classics trade grows, will be undoubtedly container transport market offerred more supply of goods and opportunity 2008, drive demand continuity further exuberant flourish with market continuity, in a variety of advantageous elements stimulation falls, change with “ science and technology, maritime technology exhibition will offer the China International that informatization, innovation changes ” to give priority to a problem outstanding commercial platform, before the add of round-the-world and marine relay in constant growth gets the business that allows you. Ginseng exhibit limits ginseng to extend range: ◆ raw material, ship's classification society of ◆ of product of primary aluminium alloy
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