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Technology of cement of the 9th China International reachs equipment exhibition
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Exhibit meeting name: Technology of cement of the 9th China International and equipment exhibition / peak of cement of 2008 China International is met
Run a country: Chinese mainland
Ginseng extend date: This exhibits 2008-4-1~2008-4-3 meeting information in order to expire
Sign up end: 2008-3-1
Ginseng exhibit the ground: Chinese Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center on the west house
Approve an unit: Hurried of China International trade is met
Sponsor an unit: Chinese cement association
China International commerce promotes branch of committee building materials
Undertake unit: China International commerce promotes branch of committee building materials
Chinese cement association
Assist run an unit: Support an unit:
Federation of Chinese housing materials
Assist run an unit:
Science and technology of national building materials teachs industry of committee Tianjin cement to design an academy
Industry of cement of Nanjing of association of industry of machinery of Chinese building materials designs an academy
Designing institute of research of cement of Hefei of total courtyard of research of science of Chinese housing materials
Industry of cement of housing materials of Chengdu of guild of Shanghai housing materials designs an academy
Association of industry of products of cement of concrete of China of Malaysia cement association
Association of cement of Singapore of Indonesian cement association
Association of cement of Korea of association of Hong Kong cement

Postpone meeting brief introduction

Postpone meeting brief introduction: Admire make cement industry collaboration communicate platform
Technology of China International cement reachs equipment exhibition, peak of China International cement can be to cover cement field of of all kinds and mechanical equipment and technology professional postpone meeting and meeting. Exhibited 2007 can include exhibition, summit meeting, technology communicates meeting and cement 60 strong informal discussions, be aimed at cement market effectively. This exhibit ginseng of many nearly 200 when can draw 25 countries and district well-known company, the peak can build the cement industry ” that can develop continuously to give priority to a problem with “ compose, leader of more than 600 industry of cement of China and foreign countries and political circles VIP attend the meeting, the development contrail of group of large cement industry reachs collective delibrate international administrative experience, the difference of banner level of contractible home company and world; Discuss recombine through annex raise cement to produce concentration to spend, the way of adjusting control market and gain level; Those who popularize innovation is energy-saving, fall bad news and the technology that decrease a platoon, the harmony that realizes industry development and zoology environment in all flourish, and showed the most advanced technology and equipment. 2008 is the important level that Chinese cement industry develops. Issue of the sources of energy, environment is increasingly outstanding, enterprise dilate, annex and recombine grow in intensity, the market competes gradually aggravate. In view of this kind of situation, how does cement produce the relevant unit such as supplier of enterprise, equipment to will be answered? Cementtech 2008 and you get together jointly Chinese • Shanghai.
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