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Heat cuts craft of rehabilitate of machine Jian Ren

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Dawn of expensive Liu of Wang Jianguo king is firm

[summary]On the base that cuts analysis of condition of battle of kimono of blade invalidation means to 6CrW2Si steel, put forward integrated and mechanical function of Jian Ren to ask. 6Cr2Si steel discards as useless after rehabilitate of layer of wear-resisting of tall alloy of v of classics of surface shears blade, life raises one times above than before.
Keyword: Invalidation cuts blade v

Shearer of   of Hot of   of Of of   of Blade of   of Shear of   of For of   of Restoring   Process
Wang   Jianguo, wang   Gui, liu   Xiaogang
(  of Science-Technology of   of Department   Of Research, technology of   of Steel of   of And of   of Iron of   of Of of   of Baotou   University, baotou   014010)

[Abstract]The Comprehensive Mechanical Properties Of 6CrW2Si Steel Shear Blade Were Demanded According To Its Failure Forms And Service Conditions. When Discarded Shear Blade Was Restored By Surface Welding Of High Alloy Layer, its Service Life Doubled.
Key   Words: Failure, shear   Blade, surface   Welding

1 preface
The action of hot Jian Ren is cut semifinished product of metallurgy factory rolling all sorts of norms size. Because working environment is harsher, traditional 6CrW2Si steeliness cuts blade function to satisfy use requirement hard, service life is inferior, what affected production badly is normal move. The hot Jian Ren that with Baotou iron and steel factory of the make friends at the beginning of the company produces is exemple, dimension shears blade is 150mm of × of 400mm × 200mm, use 6CrW2Si steeliness to build, heat treatment craft is quench + temper, room temperature hardness is 50HRC left and right sides. Because red rigid is poorer, the hardness in use process falls very quickly to be controlled to 36HRC, wear away because of Jian Ren serious or be turned and invalidation, average service life controls every Jianren 5 days only, what this affects production not only is normal move, and wastage shears blade is big, manufacturing cost is higher. Be aimed at afore-mentioned circumstances, the enlist in armying of we and manufacturer home to cutting blade condition and invalidation form undertook thorough ground studies, began on this foundation discard as useless the repair technology research of old Jian Ren, through the Jianren after repair average service life amounts to 10 days of above, relatively raised one times before, gained better economic benefits and social benefit.

2 Jian Ren enlists in army condition and invalidation form analysis
When heat cuts mechanic to make, on, stage leaving a sword passes opposite motion and clipping of will red hot billet falls in action of very great pressure. The Jian Ren in working process and the billet that 1000 ℃ control are contacted, accompany have refrigeration of cooling water loop. Accordingly, jian Ren suffers very big control stress and function of force of high temperature attrition, it is certain to bear even at the same time bump and heat up fatigue action. Field survey discovery, jian Ren is normal invalidation form basically is point wears away, be turned, this explains intensity of high temperature of part of point of job shears blade and wearability are inferior, the function that cannot satisfy point part asks, cause service life inferior. According to above analysis, jian Ren should have the following integral performance: ① cuts blade whole to have high temper by dipping in water to appear a gender, the course quenchs, the strength that the whole after temper retains enough and tenacity; ② Jian Ren has good thermal conductivity and taller hot fatigue property; ③ cuts part of blade job point to have tall red rigid and wearability; ④ cuts part of blade job point to have certain concussion toughness.

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