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Solder contact miniature shear test

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Solder contact is a narrower area, and the layer shape structure that existing to organize however inside this narrow area distributings, this distributings with respect to the gradient that caused the function inside this area. In before solder in technical research, rough ground will be whole solder contact studies as same organization, the tensile test that uses convention commonly, bend test and breach concussion experiment to soldering the mechanical function of contact undertakes qualitative assess. This kind of method can judge the intensity target that gives contact performance roughly only, and helpless however to its plasticity index. Solder for mensurable assess the intensity index of contact and plasticity index, to solder of craft parameter improve provide strong data, developed miniature shear test.

The cutting in test system cutting tool uses strength for flat blade tall, hardness is bigger, high temper by dipping in water shows the R12MoV stuff of gender and wearability, the clamping apparatus of miniature shear test, clip of can firm ground wants to hold sample when cut. After site of a test is cut, must can control sample to move in the around in clamping apparatus, and mobile distance can be measured directly, cut span namely but can small. Miniature cuts sample is a kind (a form sample of 1.5±0.02)mm×(1.5±0.02)mm square.

Data collects a system to include

Sintech30/G experiment machine and to it all of suitable computer science department.

Process of miniature shear test is: Cut those who had machined sample to use

Alcohol corrodes the nitric acid of 4 % to affect an area in order to show welding line and heat; Measure contact with tool microscope the length of each area, choose good test initial drop, of mother capable person those who cut span to should compare welding line and hot influence area is big, specific should accept phyletic decision mostly less by solder; Adjust with parameter of the software in all of computer science department of connective of test facilities photograph, make every cut the shear strength that can gain this a little bit directly, cut succumb intensity and sectional press rate; Sample is put in cutting clamping apparatus, screw nut, switch on the mobile phone undertake cutting; After was being cut, shake nut, rotate helix measures small head to move sample ahead one cuts span, cut again; After sample is cut, the each shear strength that cuts bit of gain, cut succumb intensity and sectional in pressing rate input to Graftool software, undertake data processing, have to arrive whole solder the function gradient curve of contact. 45#Steel electron beam solder solders the result of miniature shear test of contact sees a table 1.

This test system is applied to solder the function of contact checks, also can use at any blame the mechanical function assess inside area of stricture of homogeneous materials random. Current, use much sample to change start law, of this test system cut span to be able to amount to 0.1mm.
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