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Stator core is folded of outfit solder dependability exploration

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  Summary: From specific discussion stator core folds the dependability design of outfit to mention, put forward a product to want to obtain good inherent reliability, be by what the product cooperates to design integrated decision each other between design of overall design, production working procedure, working procedure.
   Keyword: Stator core folds outfit product overall design cooperates a design each other between process of design of production working procedure

  Abstract: This Paper First Discusses The Stability Design Of The Stator-core Superpose.Then It Concludes That The Good Inherent Reliability Of A Product Is Determined By Its Overall Design, process Design And Inter-process Design Of The Product.
   Keywords: Inter-process Design of   of   of Process Design of   of   of Overall Design of   of Stator-core Superpose  

1 overview

Core of electric machinery stator is folded outfit, people often thinks its dependability design is completed by electric machinery stylist, want core of the blueprint that has core, stator only fold outfit graph and essential technical condition, its dependability design has been finished; Perhaps think stator core is folded outfit is pure belong to production limits, the reliability that wants technology design only is good also finished. However, stator core is a crucial part in electric machinery, affecting overall function. Its inherent dependability is in design and making a process, had decided the dependability that comes true finally on the product, can use next type descriptions:

R=R. R

The R in typeI- the inherent dependability of the product;
RD- in designing a process, gift the potential reliability of the product;
RM- the decides by engineering competence place production reliability that production process place forms.
From go up type is knowable, the product should obtain good inherent reliability, design link must cooperate cheek by jowl with production link, because every,cooperate to design an issue each other between the overall design that before working procedure is machined, is kept in the product, working procedure design and working procedure, so two kinds of views of above are not comprehensive. The article undertakes to these problems only a few discuss.

Figuration of 2 stator core is designed

Stator core folds the design of outfit, can choose different production method. Below exemple lift a few kinds of methods to undertake feasibility and dependability are analysed.

Of 2.1 stator core fold outfit buckle or riveting outfit
Stator core folds outfit hind, traditional design is on iron chip the design buckles groove, use buckle piece buckle outfit. Should fold thick when exceeding 40mm, to make sure stator is folded outfit intensity is mixed avoid to be out of shape rivet should be designed on its aperture and need not groove, use rivet riveting outfit. After these two kinds of methods are machined, the aperture inside flatness of its verticality, end panel, core, the appearance of the chamfer that set a line often short of designs a requirement, kong Bi needs grinding to machine inside, between iron chip build easily each other receive, increased electric machinery be short of caustic. Accordingly, this kind designs the need that technology of incommensurate already electric machinery admits.

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