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Aluminium alloy is advanced welder art

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The characteristic aluminium alloy that 1 aluminium alloy solders because weight light, taller than intensity, corrosion resistance can be good, good without sex of magnetic, figuration it is good to reach microtherm function wait for a characteristic and be applied at all sorts of soldering widely in structural product, use aluminium alloy to replace armor plate material to solder, structural heft can reduce 50% above.

Aluminium alloy solders a few catastrophe nod:

① aluminium alloy solders contact bate is serious, intensity coefficient is low, the easy generation of surface of aluminium alloy of ② of; of the biggest obstacle that this also is application of block up aluminium alloy is difficult the oxidation film of frit (Al2O3 its melting point is 2060 ℃ ) , this solders with respect to what need to use high-power density aluminium alloy of craft; ③ solders to produce aluminium alloy of stomatic; ④ easily to solder coefficient of linear expansion of ⑤ of; of easy generation hot crack is big, easy generation solders be out of shape; ⑥ aluminium alloy thermal conductance is big (be steel about 4 times) , identical solder below speed, hot input should be compared solder steels is big 2 ~ 4 times.

Accordingly, of aluminium alloy solder the requirement uses energy density big, solder hot input is small, solder rate is high efficient solder method.

The advanced welder of 2 aluminium alloy art the difficulty that solders in the light of aluminium alloy, some closer year will offer a few kinds of new technology, certain application received in the industry such as traffic, spaceflight, aviation, a few kinds of new technology can resolve the difficulty that aluminium alloy solders well, performance of the connect after solder is good, can be opposite weldability is bad before or not weldable aluminium alloy undertakes soldering.

2. The agitate friction welding of 1 aluminium alloy receives FSW(Friction Stir Welding) of agitate friction welding is solder by England institute TWI (The Welding Institute) 1991 year the technology of new join of solid state plasticity that offer. Its job principle is to use the agitate head of a kind of special form to insert workpiece to need solder place, rotate to chafe with the agitate between workpiece through agitate head high speed, attrition generation heat makes this place metal is in thermoplastic condition, fall to flow to hind plasticity from its front in the pressure action of agitate head, make weldment presses solder to be together thereby. Of because process of agitate friction welding is medium nonexistent metal fused, it is process of join of a kind of solid state, all sorts of blemish of nonexistent fusion welding when reason solders, the nonferrous metal material that can solder with fusion welding method hard, if aluminium reachs alloy of excel in aluminium alloy, copper alloy, titanium and heterogeneous material, composite material,solder etc. At present agitate friction welding is in of aluminium alloy solder respect research application is more. The aluminium alloy that undertook agitate friction welding is received successfully includes 2000 series (Al- Cu) , 5000 series (Al - Mg) , 6000 series (Al - Mg - Si) , 7000 series (Al - Zn) , 8000 series (Al - Li) . Abroad has entered industrialized stage of production, had applied this technology to solder in Norway the structural member that is 20 M grows on mosquito craft, company of aerospace of Martin of · of American Losk Heed soldered with this technology aluminium alloy stores the structural member of microtherm container rocket of liquid oxygen.

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