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Deliver a child of solder of igneous power plant produces safe technology to ana

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Soldering is the important segment in job of overhaul of firepower power plant, solder to wait for grave accident with fire, person again closely related. The common safe accident in producing a course in the light of deliver a child of solder of igneous power plant, analysed respective dangerous source and critical factor, summed up all sorts of soldering the power plant of firepower of keyword 〕 of precautionary measures 〔 of the accident; Solder; Safety solders is the important segment in job of overhaul of firepower power plant, especially the overhaul of generation set of tall parameter, high capacity, the value that welder makes appears more outstanding. Be engaged in solder deliver a child producing the job often with all sorts of combustible explode easily gas, pressure vessel and wiring contact, solder field of radiate of harmful gas, dust, arc, high frequency electromagnetism, noise and ray exist to wait for adverse to human body and environment element again in the process, accordingly, a bit neglect can produce explosion, fire, scald, get an electric shock wait for equipment and person accident. The solderer causes sex of toxic, pneumoconiosis, blood disease, light produced by electricity easily also ophthalmic and the occupational disease such as dermatosis suffers from, accordingly, solder safety and labor sanitation ought to cause the attention that comparative. 1 ammunition power plant is commonly used solder safe and wholesome characteristic of the method (1) manual arc welding: Electric welding punchs a hole often happen, electric welding soot is main and harmful element, can cause respiratory system disease or manganese is toxic, the risk that get an electric shock is very big also. (Solder of 2) argon arc: Arc radiant strength is greater than manual arc welding, intense ultraviolet illuminate can cause the skin disease such as erythema, vesicle, put in radiate of high frequency electromagnetism and radioactivity harm, toxic gas ozone and azotic oxide can cause respiratory system disease, put in danger getting an electric shock. (3) gas welding and gas cutting: Fire and explosion are main risk, solder when the nonferrous metal such as copper, aluminium, toxic gas experience causes virulent poisoning. (4) carbon arc enrages dig: Soot of tall pH indicator is main and harmful element, can cause respiratory system disease or toxic, the scintilla in the operation splatters, the likelihood causes bright to iron or fire. (5) plasma cut: Chroma of oxide of arc radiate, ozone, nitrogen all solder of arc of prep above argon, return the harmful element such as field of existence noise, high frequency electromagnetism, heat radiation and radioactivity at the same time, labor defends unripe condition to differ, put in danger getting an electric shock. 2 solder deliver a child produces accident example is company happening below pass solder accident example. Accident of 2.1 burn, scald is in overhaul job, what happen actually is light accident of degree of burn, scald is very general, main reason is individual preventive measure undeserved, fail to had appareled to defend take, defend the shoe. Because solder, fluid of star of cut process medium baking temperature, iron splatters inevitable, and the action that common coverall cannot defend to safety since effective ground, because this is caused many spend gently burn, scald accident. In recent years, the company purchased a few solderers stage by stage special defend take, defend shoe, reduced this kind of accident. 2.2 manganese are toxic accident 1996 4 ~ in July, boiler overhauls minute of field to make vane wheel of the machine that discharge pink, 2 solderers are arranged to be in charge of all welder making, use welding rod of common J422, J507. Solder in the process, because time of activity in series is long, the solderer does not pay attention to individual safety to defend again, fail to take the step such as exercise of the cover that wear a mouth, intermittence, the welder of a few months is made after finishing, in the check-up later, these 2 solderers have fish manganese is toxic phenomenon, arrange hospitalization then. 2.3 soot damage an accident May 1995, in aircrew small in trimming the job, a solderer is entered solder filling job has inside flue. Because solder work environment extreme difference, soot is densely covered, and the safe item that him solderer also did not work to soldering this is caused enough take seriously, soldering begin in a few minutes, choke namely and faint, the spot is rescued instantly after classics guardian discovers just escape by the skin of one's teeth. Later, the company made detailed precautionary measures in the light of this second incident, deployed respirator, make similar accident had not happened again. 3 ammunition power plant solders accident sort and be on guard the dangerous source of 3.1 fire fire basically has measure: Fluid of gas welding blaze, electric arc, slaggy, iron splatters, aeriform spontaneous combustion. Afore-mentioned dangerous sources taste posture contact with combustible, combustible and the happening of fire is caused. Accordingly, those who be aimed at fire be on guard measure basically has: Solder work place must not be put have wood (bits) , grease or other and combustible, combustible is tasted etc, above article should be apart from workplace 10 M commonly beyond; Open air undertakes solder cuts exercise to want to take windbreak step, splatter with fire prevention star, when wind-force exceeds 5 level, unfavorable undertake solder cuts operation; No matter work in flat or headroom, want to adopt measure to prevent to the metal splatters slaggily and drop, before leaving the scene, must undertake checking, affirm stay without kindling; The use that pressure regulator reachs to gas cylinder when gas welding, safeguard must undertake according to concerned regulations, regulation, must not be heated, suffer concussion, be infected with grease to wait; When undertaking soldering working near the place that causes fire possibly, the fire control equipment that must be necessary fully. The critical factor that 3.2 explosion explode basically has: What gas cylinder reachs pressure regulator is incorrect use, the incorrect operation that gas welding gas cutting works, the incorrect solder of fuel container and conduit cuts the job, take the incorrect solder that controls container and pipeline to cut the job. Explosive happening basically is concerned safety was disobeyed to manage regulation, regulations or safe operating rules to wait in the job cause. Accordingly, those who be aimed at explosion be on guard measure basically has: Aerobic bottle and acetylene gas cylinder should press formulary regular inspection, use expire or send check unqualified gas cylinder, all must not use; Prohibit an aerobic bottle and acetylene gas cylinder or other can light gas cylinder, combustible to be carried with the car; Carrying, in store and using a process, avoid gas cylinder acuteness shake and collide, prevent fragile crack explosion, gas cylinder is due capsule and bump protection ring; Gas cylinder should avoid direct be heated or sunshine insolate; Bottle of the oxygen in the operation is apart from acetylene bottle, bright fire or heat source to should be more than 5 M; Carrying, in store and using a process, avoid aerobic bottle and pressure regulator to be infected with grease; Gas welding and existence of site of gas cutting job prohibit working when volatile dust or other and critical factor, combustible explode easily article should be apart from workplace 10 M beyond; Must not go up in cement floor directly cut metal stuff, relevant measure should be adopted to close control valve of oxygen, acetylene instantly when job of gas welding, gas cutting produces temper, when glue of oxygen, acetylene is in charge of or pressure regulator combustion explodes, answer to close the total valve of gas cylinder instantly; The solder of belt pressing container and fuel container and conduit, conduit cuts the job to must close and feasible accident precautionary measures just can undertake, must not undertake otherwise. 3.3 get an electric shock the critical factor that get an electric shock basically has: Of easy electric conduction solder exercise spot environment (wait for) like container of damp, metal, of leakage of electricity solder appliance of equipment, labour. The happening that get an electric shock basically is concerned safety is disobeyed to administer regulations, regulation in the operation, cause human body and electric system to connect to touch and be caused. Accordingly, be on guard in the light of what get an electric shock measure basically has: On structure of metal of the etc inside metallic container solder, or solder in damp environment, should strengthen an individual to defend more, must wear the rubber slab on the insulated shoes, glove that wear a skin, mat or other insulation pad, set tutelar staff, when encountering risk can instantly dump; Forbidden and optional contact is electric in the operation body, especially the body perspires should notice more when the dress is damp; Before the job nurturance installs the good convention of full inspection, examine ground connection first, receive 0 unit reliable, check insulation to defend next whether reach the designated position and contact place to whether be isolated from reliably; Undertaking changing welder connect, change receive loop line 2 times, move welder, change when the job such as welder of frit silk, overhaul, should first dump, just can have other job next. The critical factor of 3.4 burn, scald burn, scald basically has: Fluid of gas welding blaze, electric arc, slaggy, iron splatters, aeriform spontaneous combustion. Afore-mentioned critical factors are the fountainhead of fire happening not only, also be to burn likewise, the fountainhead of scald happening. Afore-mentioned dangerous sources and human body connect the happening of burn, scald to touch and be caused. Accordingly, those who be aimed at burn, scald be on guard measure is divided be on guard with what be aimed at fire measure is same outside, still should notice: Necessary preventive measure is adopted before the job, if had appareled to defend,take, defend the shoe; In working site the attention stands the position, cannot stand in solder to cut the lower part that exercise orders especially; The way that solder mouth should notice when gas welding ignites cannot is opposite to the person, solder cuts exercise to cannot undertake on cement floor directly, splatter with fire prevention star. Source of risk of radiant of arc of 3.5 arc radiate basically is arc, its harm basically has: Electric welding shakes an eye, sex of light produced by electricity is ophthalmic (common says to punch a hole) , dermatitis, the arc radiate strength of argon arc solder is even greater than welding rod arc welding, intense ultraviolet illuminate can cause the severe skin disease such as erythema, vesicle. Accordingly, be on guard in the light of arc radiant measure basically has: Strengthen individual preventive measure, wear, Dai Hao coverall, blinkers; In working site the setting defends screen, use at keep out arc; When indoor job, use the material that do not glance and can draw the light to make the facing of indoor wall. Radiate of 3.6 high frequency electromagnetism is high frequency the magnetic field of high frequency report that source of electromagnetism radiant risk basically is the generation when argon arc solder brings arc. Radiate of high frequency electromagnetism basically is to cause to the harm of human body neurasthenic with plant nerve function disorder, serious when can make blood pressure abnormal etc. Although the time of high frequency oscillator starts to have 2 ~ 3 S only every time when argon arc solder, lesser to the influence of human body, but still be necessary to adopt preventive measure. Basically have in the light of preventive measure of radiant of high frequency electromagnetism: Reduce the effect time of high frequency report, if use an oscillator to aim to bring arc, can sever oscillator line instantly at bringing arc hind; The ground wire of the workpiece that apply solder accomplishs good ground connection, can reduce high frequency electric current greatly, ground connection dot is apart from workpiece closer, the circumstance can get ameliorative more; Affecting use case to fall, reduce the frequency of the oscillator; Screen reachs the line flexible cord. The dangerous cause that 3.7 toxic, soot damage toxic, soot is soldering namely the soot of the generation in the process, toxic gas. The harm of electric welding soot basically has cause solderer pneumoconiosis, manganese heat of smoke of toxic, metal. Toxic gas experience causes harm all over even to respiratory system. The preventive measure that damages in the light of toxic, soot basically has: Do good solder to accept dust control, enter narrow airspace in the solderer especially inside when should notice more; Soldering below the premise that material can assure its technical properties and mechanical function, use the welding rod with the inferior quantity that send this world or welding wire as far as possible; Solderer individual has been done defend the job, notice Dai Hao defends especially guaze mask. 3.8 radiative injury are radiative dangerous source of injury basically is the thorium tungsten stick that argon arc solder uses electrode. Thorium is natural radioactivity material, can radiate a α , β , γ 3 kinds of ray, can cause human body chronic radiation damage, appear all sorts of pathological changes. Although soldering spot activity concentration is lower, but the top is worn in thorium tungsten club, repair, store especially place, activity concentration greatly dot of ground connection of prep above solder, accordingly, also be necessary to adopt preventive measure. The preventive measure that is aimed at radiative injury basically has: After contacting thorium tungsten club, applied flow water and soap wash his hands, often clean coverall and glove to wait; Deploy special emery wheel to grind club of pointed thorium tungsten, grinder should furnish removes dust equipment; Thorium tungsten club stores should park is airtight inside plumbic box, storingly dot installs drafting apparatus; The excessive that chooses reasonable craft standard to avoid thorium tungsten club burns caustic. The origin that 3.9 noise damage noise basically is to soldering the spot or solder method, solder the nature in the process comes into being. The harm of noise basically is an influence neurological, and damage to acoustic. The preventive measure that is aimed at noise basically has: The solderer adorns the individual such as blimp or sound insulation earplug defends implement; Mix in working site solder to use sound absorption or deadening equipment to wait partly. Because soldering,equipment breakdown of 3.1 equipment breakdown basically is concerned safe production is disobeyed to set in producing a course or long-term overload is used etc concerned facility be fillinged by solder, solder the attaint that the concerned electric welder that in reaching cut process, uses, treatment uses electric device. 4 last words should have been done solder safe production works, must want to begin from each respect, beyond the precautionary measures of each specific accident that analyses besides above, still should emphasize from administrative take as the point of departure, become good worker especially the safe education that casual, farmer is versed in grooms the job, make they can abide by each safe practice and operating rules self-consciously. Should realise from ideology only solder the importance of safe production, so, solder deliver a child produces an accident can avoid certainly.

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