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The carbolic equivalent formula of steel reachs his the application in solder

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SummaryThe carbolic equivalent formula with commonly used each country of the world before introducing item and its applicable steel are planted, limits of intensity level, chemical composition and applied criterion.
KeywordCarbolic equivalent solders high strenth of crackle low alloy steel

The carbolic equivalent of steel is a hard to temper by dipping in water, cold crack that carbon includes inside in steel and fragile change those who wait for conversion of influential alloying element content to become carbon to comparative content. Pass the estimation of sensitive to the carbolic equivalent of steel and cold cracking index, OK and preliminary measure low alloy high strength the discretion of sensitivity of steel cold cracking, this pair solders craft condition if the capabilities of processing of postheat of warm-up, solder, line direct effect with be had main surely really.
At the beginning of 50 time, the aggrandizement of steel basically uses carbolic manganese at that time, when the weldability that forecasts steel, the carbolic equivalent formula with wider application basically has international Institute of Welding (the formula that IIW) place recommends and the formula that Japanese JIS standard provides.
After 60 time, people is the performance that improves steel and weldability, the low alloy high strength that developed and so on of much alloy of low carbon minim energetically steel, offerred formula of a lot of new carbolic equivalent computation again at the same time.
The alloy system of the experiment method that uses as a result of each country place and rolled steel is endless and same, the origin of the carbolic equivalent formula that should make clear place of Hunan each country is used so, utility and applied limits, lest application is undeserved.

The CE(IIW) of carbolic equivalent formula that 1 international Institute of Welding recommends: [1]

  of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of CE(IIW)=C Mn/6 (Cr Mo V)/5
(Ni Cu)/15   (  of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of %)     (1)

(The elemental symbol in type all represents the quality fraction of this element, similarly hereinafter. Similarly hereinafter..
The blame that this type basically applies to medium, high strenth moves high strenth of qualitative low alloy steel (σB=500 ~ 900 MPa. When board thick be less than 20 Mm, CE(IIW) < 0.40% when, strong trend of rolled steel temper by dipping in water is not big, weldability is good, do not need warm-up; CE(IIW)=0.40% ~ 0.60% , should be more than particularly 0.5% when, rolled steel easily temper by dipping in water is hard, warm-up needs before soldering.

The carbolic equivalent that 2 Japan recommend is formulary

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