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The laser of aluminous lithium alloy is compound solder

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In aerospace manufacturing industry, the application of new material is increasing, also drove to it corresponding new-style solder methodological development, the laser of aluminous lithium alloy is compound solder is a kind among them.

The development trend of material of modern plane construction is: Develop to compare a pattern Gao Bijiang, high energetically, fight corrode, be able to bear or endure of tall, low temperature muti_function structural material, implementation structure is decreased heavy; Improve material and structural preparation technology, reduce production cost and maintain cost. Contemporary airframe material still is given priority to with aluminium alloy, steel dosage tends decrease, titanium alloy dosage increases significantly. Main material has aviation engine alloy of aluminium alloy, titanium, high temperature alloy and composite material of of all kinds high temperature. Aluminous lithium alloy is close come ten years a domain with the most rapid development in aviation metal stuff.

Brief introduction of aluminous lithium alloy

Alloy of industrial production aluminous lithium points to the quantity that contain Li % of 1 % ~3, regard main aggrandizement as elemental aluminium alloy with Li. The destination that Li adds in alloy is the stretch model amount that increases alloy, the density that reduces alloy (density is lower than general aluminium alloy % of 5 % ~12, stretch model volume is high % of 5 % ~8) . Lithium alloy has aluminium to be compared low density, high compare stiffness, good microtherm performance, good corrosion resistance intensity, high to be able to be mixed exceed model outstandingly shape function; Its intensity, rupture tenacity, succumb intensity, fatigue function is as temperature reduce and rise; It has exceed plasticity goodly, can make figuration record complex, hard the spare parts of figuration, reduce labor intensity and the weight that reduce a construction. The aluminium alloy that replaces convention with its can make component part quality is reduced 15% , stiffness raises 15%~20% , be considered as the ideal construction material in aerospace industry. In this domain, aluminous lithium alloy oneself aluminium alloy of groovy excel in was replaced on a lot of component.

From select material of empty guest A380 distributing in light of (graph 1) , the proportion that aluminium alloy holds is the largest, 61% what amount to airframe construction heft, because this wants to achieve performance improvement, must develop the aluminium alloy material of innovation and engineering technology, specific it is to increase intensity and scathing allowance, reinforce stability and rise fight corrode ability. Empty guest A380 was used 2099, 2199, alloy of 2196 lithium waiting for aluminium. Use at the floor roof beam of A380, if crossbeam, seat slips,mounting frame of equipment of course, cockpit and structure of sea cabin floor, electron reachs horny form content, can decrease weigh hundreds of kilograms. The generation below Russia is narrow system plane MS-21 will use composite material wing and tail surface, and airframe general is made like aluminous lithium alloy by advanced alloy.

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