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Commonly used stainless steel solders method

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The most commonly used to stainless steel solder the method is manual solder (MMA) , it is solder of protection of metallic pole gas next (MIG/MAG) with tungsten extremely inert gase protects solder (TIG) . Although these soldering,the method is familiar the most person to stainless steel industry, but we think this domain is worth to be discussed deep.
1, manual solder (MMA) : Manual solder is a kind very general, use easily solder method. The length of electric arc relies on the person's hand to undertake modulatory, it is mixed on welding electrode definitely between workpiece the size of aperture. In the meantime, when regarding electric arc as carrier, welding electrode also is stuff of welding line stuff.
This kind solders the method is very simple, can use solder almost all material. To outdoor use, it has very good adaptability, although be used in underwater,also be no problem. Most electric welder is OK TIG solders. In electrode solder, electric arc length decides the hand at the person: When you change the aperture of electrode and workpiece, you also changed the length of electric arc. Below most circumstance, solder use direct current, electrode regards electric arc as carrier already, also regard welding line fill as material at the same time. Electrode by alloy or blame alloy metal core silk and welding rod coating are comprised. This coating protects welding line not to suffer airy enroach on, stabilize electric arc at the same time. It still causes the formation of broken bits layer, protective welding line makes it shapes. Welding electrode can be titanium welding rod, also can be close sex, this decides the ply at coating and part. Titanium welding rod solders easily, welding line is compressed and beautiful. In addition, solder broken bits easily purify. If time of welding rod keep in storage is long, must new and roast. Because come from airy humidity,can be very fast in welding rod accumulation.

2, MIG/MAG solders: This is a kind of automatic gas protects arc welding to accept a method. In this kind of method, electric arc falls to be burned between voltaic carrier tinsel and workpiece in protective gas screen receive. The tinsel that the machine sends serves as welding rod, melt below oneself electric arc. Because MIG/MAG solders the advantage of the versatility of the law and characteristic, up to now she remains the world to go up most extensive solder method. Alloy steel of its use Yu Gang, blame, low-alloy steel and tall alloy are base material. This makes it makes ideal production and repair solder method. Should solder when steel, MAG can satisfy the requirement of the thin standards board with only large 0.6mm. The protective gas that uses here is active gas, be like carbon dioxide or gas mixture. Only limitation is to should undertake outdoor when soldering, must protect work not be affected with damp be affected with damp, in order to maintain aeriform effect.
3, TIG solders: Electric arc arises between the tungsten report welding wire in difficult frit and workpiece. The protective gas that uses here is pure argon gas, the welding wire that sends is not live. Welding wire already can the hand sends, OK also and mechanical send. Also a few specific utility do not need to send welding wire. The material that is soldered decided is to use dc or alternating current. When using direct current, set of silk of tungsten electric welding is negative pole. Because it has very deep solder to show ability, phyletic to differring steel is very appropriate, but do not have to welding line bath any " clean action " .
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