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All sorts of soldering method and equipment (thermit solder)
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A large number of quantity of heat that use the generation of chemical reaction place between metallic oxide and aluminium (about 3000 ℃ ) , melt metal will heat weldment finishs a kind of soldering method with fill connect to call thermit solder. Thermit basically is mixed by aluminium powder, ferric oxide, scrap, ferroalloy the composition such as black lead, its react type is

Metallic oxide is aluminous==Alumina (broken bits) metallic heat energy

The device of thermit solder reachs a process, see a picture 44. Use CO2Dry water glass is arenaceous arenaceous carapace of prefab casting mould or phenolic aldehyde colophony craft is prefab casting mould, install two half casting mould the weldment that wait for solder (reinforcing steel bar) contact place, reoccupy asbestine is mixed a box is arenaceous try sealed, in order to prevent steel fluid leak, direction of welding can be divided for horizontal position and perpendicular position two kinds. When beginning to solder, with heal piece had sealed crucible bottom, with thermit of ignition of high temperature match, once thermit is ignited, produce strong chemical reaction, generation steel fluid and slaggy. The quantity of heat of steel fluid heal piece fused, pass tapping mouth, pouring at waiting for solder weldment (reinforcing steel bar) in the aperture between. When the fluid of high temperature steel that enters casting mould at first been sheddinging the aperture between reinforcing steel bar to enter antrum of warm-up metal keep in storage, the warm-up of the termination that wait for solder of reinforcing steel bar, follow-up and pouring steel clearance of connect of fluid criterion cram, form after refrigeration solder contact, demolish casting mould to be finished namely solder.

The advantage of thermit solder is equipment simple, investment is little, solder the operation is handy, do not need power supply, work outside comfortable Yu Ye especially. Defect is welding line metal is bulkier coin an organization, performance is poorer. Basically apply at soldering at present of rail, reinforcing steel bar, lead and forging of large section casting solder, solder is repaired.