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Automobile body is light quantify in making solder technology
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Automobile body is light quantified development trend makes steel of a lot of light qualitative excel in be introduced in automobile body manufacturing industry, the application of new material dropped a car on one hand self-prossessed, also detect to join technology and contact quality on the other hand the technology brought a series of issues. Use new-style servo welding torch and controller of dc of intermediate frequency inversion to be able to be stabilized very well solder process, rise solder quality, and nondestructive detects the technology solved the problem in qualitative check well.

Day of beneficial aggravate as global environment and energy crisis, energy-saving the serious problem that in decreasing a platoon to become new generation to the car is designed and be made gradually, faces. Consider to make clear in great quantities: Fuel uses up 50% cause by the weight of the car, when truckload quality is reduced 10% , the fuel economy of the car can rise 3.8% , CO2 discharge capacity decreases 4.5% . Accordingly, reducing car oneself weight is the most significant step that drops fuel to use up. Of automobile body light the one big main trend that quantifying a technology is development of contemporary car technology.

Occupy recently the project considers to make clear, use material of light qualitative excel in to be able to decrease automobile body heavy 25% . Current, the use of excel in steel occupies automobile body to always be measured with steel about 30% the left and right sides, and this scale still will expand further. Normally for, it is cent of high strenth armor plate steel of common excel in (HSS) with steel of super excel in (AHSS) . Exceed the research of light steel car according to be opposite on international, succumb intensity calls high strenth steel in the armor plate inside limits of 210 ~ 550MPa, succumb the armor plate that intensity is more than 550MPa calls steel of extra high strength. Among them, steel basically includes common high strenth steel of unoccupied place atom of high strenth very close to each other (IF) , aluminous composed steel (AKDQ) , roast and sclerotic steel (BH) with high strenth low-alloy steel (HSLA) ; Steel basically includes super high strenth Shuang Xianggang (DP) , change cause plasticity steel (TRIP) , martensite steel (MS) etc. Steel of excel in of the BH in excel in steel, IF basically uses as cover of door, engine, dashboard and suspender; DP and TRIP use as inside board, motherboard and wheel; Martensite steel (MS) use as bridge of bumper, door. Graph 1 be steel of all sorts of advanced excel in extend gender and intensity character to contrast, this shows, shuang Xianggang has higher intensity and better outspread rate, a perspective is the widest kind of new-style data uses in becoming automobile body to make.

Wide application is reducing Shuang Xianggang while the car is heavy, also assemble to automobile body join raised new requirement. Resistance welding is made as automobile body in one of the vitallest join technology, spot welding quality of Shuang Xianggang is controlled and detect also become more and more important. The electrode pressure of traditional pneumatic welding torch by air cylinder drive, cannot get be controlled accurately and assuring, hand in vintagely change voltaic welder solders electric current is not smooth, and suffer a net to control fluctuant impact bigger, cannot have gotten used to new material gradually solder. In recent years, new-style servo welding torch uses electrode of drive of servo electric machinery, can control electrode pressure accurately. Dc of intermediate frequency inversion (MFDC) welder is controlled with the electric current with its fast speed, smooth response, get more and more extensive attention, be new material solder quality control offerred good solution.
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