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All sorts of soldering method and equipment (v)
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90What is v?

To increase or restore weldment measure, or make weldment surface obtains the frit apply metal that has special property and undertake solder call v. To achieve different goal, v can divide the following 4 kinds:

V of ⑴ bag layer is become weldment surface and when corroding medium to contact, to make its are expressed the face has corrosion resistance, and in the v on carbolic steel or capable person of alloy steel mother the fill metal layer of certain ply.

⑵ wear-resisting v wears away to reduce weldment surface to wear bead, concussion, corrode, cavitation erosion and adoption v layer.

⑶ adds thick v to be in the dimension that brim of weldment surface, connect asks to restore component part place on the metal of apply of previous perhaps frit and add welding line metal.

⑷ separator v solders when heterogeneous material or the stuff that have special demand, to assure contact quality and function, be in beforehand surface of mother capable person (or groove face) on the metallic layer of the certain part of frit apply weighs separator. The process of frit apply separator calls separator v.

91Try the craft requirement that narrates v.

The characteristic of v depends on it is not the component that departs two joins together, is in weldment the surface applies solder merely metal of apply of a frit, accordingly its craft requirement is:

The flaw that ⑴ avoids v layer and come off the hardness of welding line metal after v big, plasticity is low, belong to composition photograph when v metal composition and basic gold especially when difference is bigger, linear expansion coefficient of the metal is bigger, cause quite great internal stress thereby, it is easy to make v layer metal is in the cooling process after v crackle of generation v layer and come off (v layer metal flakes from matrix come down) . The main measure that avoid is the welding stress when trying to reduce v, concrete step is: Undertake integral warm-up or reasonable local warm-up to weldment, perhaps use the method of separator v, use plasticity first namely the common welding rod with good, not high intensity or stainless steel welding rod undertake render solder, make material keeps apart v layer and mother to come.

The hardness that ⑵ prevents the hardness of v layer not to accord with requirement v layer relies on the alloy composition of v layer to obtain, and alloy composition comes from solder material (welding rod, welding wire, welding flux) is not mother capable person. So when v, hope frit depth, penetration ratio is small, because this is unfavorable,use big electricity. Because mother capable person is right the dilute of welding line metal, so the hardness when v ground floor often on the low side, each hardness raises the remainder gradually, change basically no longer in the hardness after three-layer commonly.

⑶ prevents v spare parts to be out of shape big to long and thin axis and diameter and the wall is large when v of not big surface of cylinder body spare parts, after wanting to consider to prevent solder, be out of shape.
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